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Made in France: Words of Presidents

It’s been an exciting few days for French presidents past and present! I mentioned the publication of Mitterrand’s letters to Anne Pingeot in my last post, and now France Culture’s five-part podcast with Pingeot is online, and OMG. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you love anything at all about France – she’s so incredibly vivacious, graceful, and wise, and she talks about social norms, the history of the Musée d’Orsay, art critics of the 1960s, politics, love, life, just everything. It’s an incredible piece of French oral history.

In less jovial (for some) news, Un président ne devrait dire ça… joins Mitterrand’s letters in my cart until I finish all of my work obligations in an box on its way to me (I’m weak); it looks to be a ravishing read – discussions with Hollande transcribed by two Le Monde journalists. Some are calling it political suicide, which I won’t necessarily disagree with, but I’m ever curious to learn more about why he chose to do the discussion series in the first place – was it a desire to take charge of communications and manage the media that sort of grew horns and fangs? A good plan that didn’t turn out so hot? A philosophical pitch? How will this affect the upcoming presidential race (which is supposed to launch in December and which is 100% my most excitedly anticipated event of the year)?

I really enjoyed the below edition of “On n’est pas couché” about the book, particularly their analysis of his language. Put anything about French political language in front of me and I’ll savor it for hours on autopilot, but this truly was a fascinating show.

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